Your Thoughts

Hi All, just a passing thought while I am recovering (from a hernia op) and preparing my next post, does everybody like the current format, photos etc? This blog started as a handy family / friends info point to stop them pestering me with “how did you do that” type comments but has attracted some external attention as well so I might as well try to make things easier.

I am thinking of ways to make this blog easier for users to follow the posts and help you to make any of the projects.

F’r instance: how about a PDF for each project, or a photo gallery with full page photos, or a better layout?

Incidentally I have written all of this blog on an old Series 4 IPad that is too old to even get any updates. I have taken all the photos on the same IPad as well.

I plan to use a desktop running Win 7 to format these soon to see if that is easier or gives better results.

If anybody has any ideas or helpful comments please let me know!