Small tables

My wife asked me to make a couple of side tables for the new bed recently. These had to reasonably match the bed, I.e. a rustic look.

I had some scaffolding plank pieces left so I cut four small pieces, enough to make two tables that were approximately square.

The legs and support pieces were some 3″ x 2″ (75 x 50) that was left over.

The legs were all cut to size and sanded.

The positions of the legs were marked on the underside of the tops then the support rails were drilled, glued and secured into position.

the legs were glued into position, squared up and supported until the glue was dry.

Small diagonal braces were cut and glued between the legs, support rails and the tops.

The legs were screwed into position the day after and the whole lot sanded, stained and painted as requested.

Author: trebor

I am a retired engineer who likes to keep busy with various projects. I am married with two grown up children and live in Yorkshire the north of England and have lived in my present house since 1978.

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