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I have had my hernia op and am well recovered, my hormone treatment for prostate cancer is leaving me tired easily and with hot flushes (my wife is VERY sympathetic) and am booked in for a radio therapy setup in a few days followed by a radiotherapy session each day for a month! We did a trial run to find the place today, it’s in the middle of Leeds, a town in the North of the UK and the traffic is horrible even on a Sunday so that’s going to be a fun time – ah well!

I am just gathering info for my next project updates so that I can try to get ahead of the therapy requirements, will update very soon


My name is Bob Hardy and I am currently located in West Yorkshire, England,  (We think of it as the UK equivalent of Texas).

This is a blog to document the various projects that I have either done, am currently doing, or will be undertaking in the future.

At the time of writing this (December 2017) I am rapidly approaching 70 and am a retired Engineer and Technical Author, I have a Pacemaker recently installed. I have in the past made lots of things from metal But because of the pacemaker I cannot now electrically weld things, so am still looking at getting round the restriction.

My past projects have ranged from big steel gates, wooden beds etc to rooftop trailers, table lamps and small steel jigs and gadgets to make life easier.

I work  in a 900 square feet custom built workshop with every tool known to man  a twenty foot square garage that contains so much junk I can only get one car in. I have plenty of hand tools, most of them for engineering, but am slowly acquiring more hand tools. I have a big 16mm pillar drill bought on Gumtree and a Screwfix tablesaw (more about that later) plus an electric plane and sander and also plenty of bench space and a very level concrete floor. I tend to work in there on cold days, so next to the pillar drill is a large pot belly stove (lovely!).

The projects that will end up on here will probably be in no particular order. I will endeavour to provide enough information and insights to make these and I am always able to help with more info if needed, email preferred, but do not look at it every day (I had enough of that while I was working), so be a little patient please.

If you can think of any better detail or way to do things please say!


Author: trebor

I am a retired engineer who likes to keep busy with various projects. I am married with two grown up children and live in Yorkshire the north of England and have lived in my present house since 1978.

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