Rack clamps using Unistrut 41 / 41

Uni strut used is 41mm square x 2.5mm wall ‘U’ section galvanised steel fabrication with 25 x 14 slots 50mm apart along the strut length and is in 3 metre lengths as standard. The lengths can be cut to any required finished size.

The clamp ends are made of steel tubes 45mm x 45mm x 1.5mm or 2.0mm wall thickness.

The steel tubes are sized to move along the Unistrut without excessive movement, but depending on the actual sizes obtained, can have plastic or hardwood shims fitted to stop any excessive movement.

The fixed end clamps through one of the Unistrut slots with an M12 screw into a clamp block. The clamp block locks onto the underside of the Unistrut. The vertical part of this end has a large flat piece of steel attached as a clamping face. This clamping face has a large diameter adjusting screw in the centre, for fine adjustment.

The moving clamp comprises two pieces of steel tube welded at right angles. The vertical piece has a spring loaded pivoting lever system to raise or lower a pin that engages into one of the Unistrut slots to lock the clamp in position. This pivots on the side of the vertical tube away from the load.
The other side of the vertical tube is the clamping face, this clamping face has a plastic or hardwood pad screwed on to prevent damage.

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