The Dashcam tale

I had a dashcam on my previous car (Freelander 2), so when we changed it for a Discovery Sport I decided to move the camera into the new car.

The camera is a Nextbase 512, but the process would apply to most similar cameras.

The equipment used was the camera, a Nextbase hardwiring kit and an adhesive mount instead of the normally supplied suction version.

Notes: the adhesive mount uses 3 M VHB double sided tape. The suction version did not like warm weather at all, the adhesive version has been fine. The hardwire kit is mainly a piggyback fuseholder and length of wire, usually also available from EBay etc.

The fuse to use was found using the handbook and Discovery Sport forums.

The Requirements:

To mount the camera near the rear view mirror.

To hide the wiring.

To have the camera turn on with the ignition.

The Process:

Remove the passenger side end cap from the dashboard, this is just clipped into place and gives access to theamera wire from the fuse board.

Lower the glovebox and remove the panel at the rear of the glovebox, this gives access to the fuses.

Remove fuse 50 and place the fuse in the piggyback fuseholder. Push the fuse holder blades into the removed fuse position.

Plug the long camera wire into the piggyback fuse connector and feed the camera wire diagonally upwards past the end of the dashboard until all the wire is visible.

Grasp the door seal trim at the passenger side above the dashboard area and pull clear until there is room for the wire to be fed behind.

Mount the camera on the windscreen, I have mine on the dotted part of the screen to the passenger side of the ear view mirror.

Push the camera connector on the wire into the socket on the camera.

Pull the roof lining above the windscreen on the passenger side of the car slightly and feed the wire behind the lining.

When the top wire is in place, run the wire along the gap between the roof lining and the vertical trim on the front pillar, to behind the door seal.

Run the wire down the door seal area and into the fuse box area.

Coil up and secure any excess wire.

Connect the earth wire to a suitable clean earth point on the car.

Switch on the ignition and test the camera.

Replace the dashboard end cap and door seal.

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