A quick pair of lamps

I found myself sorting some oak bits the other day and thought some of them were too good to just throw away so decided to make a pair of table lamps.

After considering a few different configurations my other half said ” just pile them up and see what they look like”. This looked interesting but I felt that they looked too square and regular, so I decided to round off the edges and corners. This looked much better immediately, so I duly sanded the lot of them.

I found some flat bases to mount them on and rounded these as well.

When all the sanding was finished I glued them to the bases in a random configuration but also to make a handed pair of lamps.

When the glue was set, I marked the top blocks for brass bulb holders and drilled a 10mm hole right through the blocks and bases.

Grooves were cut in the bases to accommodate the wires then the blocks were finish sanded, stained and polished.

After everything was dry I screwed the lampholders to the top blocks and threaded the wires from the underside and secured them to the lampholders.

The wires were fastened into the base grooves, the shades and bulbs fitted and then checked electrically.

For the wires I used two existing wires with built in switches and plugs.

NOT good news:

One of the brass lampshade rings on the lampholders has gone missing, I have several plastic fittings spare but surprise! these are slightly bigger than the brass ones and do not go on the brass fittings – the search begins…

Author: trebor

I am a retired engineer who likes to keep busy with various projects. I am married with two grown up children and live in Yorkshire the north of England and have lived in my present house since 1978.

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