Drill to lathe

I have a Sealy 16 speed, 16 mm  chuck drill mounted on a low stand at one side of my garage.

I had a need to turn some spindles and not having a lathe I decided to look into using the drill as a lathe.

The drill had the chuck mounted on the drill using a number 2 Morse taper so I figured out that I could use a modified flat wood bit initially as the drive for the spindles. I could also use the chuck to hold a small faceplate if needed.

The other, non drive end of the spindle had to have a pointed support, so I used a piece of oak with a centre punch pressed into it. the oak was slotted to provide adjustment and then mounted on the drill base using “tee” nuts into slots in the base.

The drill was mounted on a large wooden ” hinge”, half of which was bolted to the drill base, the other half was drilled centrally and bolted to the low drill stand. The centre pivot allowed me to rotate the whole drill and the hinge function allowed me to lower it down to a horizontal position. A stand was made to support the top end of the drill while in the horizontal position.




The non Drive end was lined up by ensuring that the drill was vertical in both planes and then gripping a short plumb bob and line in the chuck. This was allowed to settle then the non drive end point was lined up to this and secured.



This is the sum total of development so far, I need to make a tool rest, this will be mounted on the adjustable drill table when time permits.


watch this space!